Christopher Saab is a Montreal, Canadian based visual artist whose creative expression knows no bounds. From painting to mosaic, his distinctive line-work and bold colour palettes have created an array of visually striking artworks over the course of his artistic career.

His latest pieces utilized a historical technique that possesses a residual essence from our collective and conscious past. These pieces consist of small individually cut, ceramic and porcelain tiles that render a modern mosaic effect, which is inspired by murals and architectural designs from ancient Greece and Rome. The artworks have been realized through a rigorous and straining process that included an assortment of industrial equipment and long gruelling hours of hard work.

The asymmetrical tiles contribute to the unique and ethereal patterns displayed, that only truly manifest themselves once the entire pieces are completed. Despite the sharp edges, these artworks showcase and present a satisfying organic tone reminiscent of that which is found in our everyday environment. All of the tiles placed, create a cohesive and joint image through a challenging and meticulous labor of artistic passion.

Christopher Saab is transforming the way people visually experience a modern and contemporary expression of a traditional art form.